FAQs About Bedbugs – Facts To Know

A bedbug is a small nocturnal insect classified in the Cimicidae family. They have red-brown color and can grow up to 4-6 mm, having a flat oval body. Blood is their primary source of food. The insects can be found anywhere around the world, but most commonly in environments that have the presence of humans.

Is there a type of disease spread by bedbugs?EFAqfeafesaqdfqaf

Bed bugs do not spread any disease, and they should not be viewed as a health hazard. The adverse side effects are usually more of a mental problem. However, the do leave ugly looking bumps on the skin, which can be quite itchy. With too much scratching of the itch, a secondary infection might be possible. A few people have also been reported to have allergies to bedbug bites.

What signs should you look for to determine an infestation?

The easiest and most common way of determining whether there is a bedbug infestation is by checking for the bite marks on the face, arms, neck, and any other body part that is exposed when you sleep. Some people do not get the marks even when bitten, so other clues may come in handy in determining the infestation. The other signs include finding exoskeleton of bed bugs after molting, presence of the bugs in sheets and mattress folds, blood spots on furniture, bedding, and a musty odor.

Why don’t I feel pain when am bitten?

Bedbugs inject anticoagulants and anesthetics to the bite area as they feed. The anesthetic ensures that you will not feel any pain and realize that you are being bitten. The anticoagulant helps them to feed a lot faster by making the blood lighter and allowing it to flow faster.

qswdqdwqwedfaqAm I at a risk of getting bedbugs?

It is possible for anyone to get bedbugs, irrespective of living conditions and standards. Visiting an area that has been infested is all it takes for you to get the bedbugs. They are usually transported in folds and seams of luggage and clothes, then go to start a new infestation at your destination.

How can I deal with bedbug infestation?

Bedbug infestation is not an easy thing to deal with on your own. The insects are quite hardy and can withstand most of the DIY remedies. They are also hiding experts, which mean that getting all of them will be a problem. A few left alive will restart the infestation cycle all over again in no time. Getting professionals to get rid of bed bugs it is the best possible solution. Pest control experts will ensure that the problem is resolved permanently.