Grooming your dog’s nails with clippers

dog nails

Dogs need to be groomed regularly. From their head to their paws it is essential for them to look their best. One of the most vital things to groom is their nails. Nails are very important to be kept in tip-top shape. You need to trim them on a regular basis. This is anywhere between once a week and once a month. You wouldn’t want overgrown nails. That will cause problems and potential injury to your furry friend. Visit a vet or a groomer to do this, they will be more than pleased to do it regularly. But sometimes, it is not in your budget to pay for it. These are the times you will have to trim it yourself. Here are a few considerations on how to groom your canine’s nails with clippers.

Selecting clippers

dog nailsThere are so many different types of nail clippers out there sold on the counters. If you are new to this, selecting one can be confusing. Read reviews online to help you out in choosing the perfect one. When you buy one, remember to buy good quality ones. Don’t be cheap. Most often, cheap clippers will injure your pup. Select one according to the breed of your canine. This will make trimming more comfortable for them and easier for you.

How to trim nails

When it’s time to do the job, make the experience as positive as it can be. Get some treats. Remember that you don’t need to trim them all at one go. You can start with one and then reward your pup. Come back after it later if anyone of you is nervous. To avoid cutting the nails too short, hold the handle of the clippers flat against the paws and then trim straight across. Do this so the nail will place just above the ground.

Tips and tricks

dog with nailsWhen you are afraid of doing this activity, the best way to calm your nerves and your fears is to go to your professional groomer or vet and ask them to show you the proper way and techniques for trimming. Be comfortable with the process. Don’t let the fear consume you. If you accidentally make the nails bleed by cutting them too short, use styptic powder. You can also use a bar of soap and then run it under the nail.