Saltwater Pool Installation

Before a pool owner decides to convert their ordinary water pool to that of a salt water system, they have to take both the positive and negative aspects that a salt water pool comes with. While most people will argue that swimming in a salt water pool is more comfortable and enjoyable than when one is swimming in a traditionally chlorinated pool, there are some other factors that one should take into consideration of the cost that one has to incur when doing the initial system installation and the constant repairs that they will need to undertake. In this article, we are going to look at the pros and cons of converting an ordinary pool into a salt water pool.


One can argue that maintaining a salt water pool is easier than maintaining a chlorinated pool. The salt water system that you will install will convert the salt into the levels of chlorine which is appropriate. This will ensure that you do not constantly add chlorine into the pool. This goes along way in ensuring that the maintenance process of the pool is easy. Even though you will have to be constantly checking the pool’s water, to ascertain that the appropriate chemical levels are maintained, you will not have to be pouring chemicals into your pool in an endeavor to keep your pool safe.

Softer water

Taking into consideration that a salt water pool still contains some amount of chlorine, the water in such a pool is considered to be milder as compared to that which is in a pool that uses an ordinary system. Even though referred to like salt water pools, they do not have as much salt as most of us may be thinking, the salt content that is found in them can be equated to that which is found in a human tear. This ensures that one has a wonderful experience when swimming, it also ensures that your eyes do not experience stings or burns when you open your eyes while you are under water.

Chemical costs

One of the major advantage that a saltwater pool has over this other ordinary pools is that the chemicals that you need to maintain it are considerably cheaper than those that are used to maintain the ordinary pools. Since salt does not evaporate as easily as chlorine does, you will not be faced with the frequent expenses that come with purchasing of chlorine for replacement. The only cost you will incur is that of adding salt which comes once in an entire season.

Initial cost

One of the major challenges that most individuals face when they want to convert their ordinary pools into salt water pools is the initial installation cost. Even though most of them find the cost manageable, it can be at times so high due to the other things that you may need to purchase. Additionally, you may need to make some other specific and unique adjustments before you entirely convert your pool. So before you commit yourself into converting your pool, it is advisable that you carry out some research so that you can establish the required amount. Before you begin switching your system, consult with a pool installation and repair contractor as they will give you the estimation.


The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners Review

Vacuuming a pool becoming a thing of the past, nowadays, and with so much house work to do already taking much of your little time, you just can’t have enough time to give attention to the pool all the time. No worries, though, necessity is the mother of all invention, right? Some websites offer the best robotic pool cleaner reviews that are very helpful. Get one, and it does all the cleaning and pool maintenance for you.

However, you never just go for any robotic cleaners; you must be decisive and put your priorities first while doing so. Even though that’s the case, there are a few points to consider:


For robotic cleaners to qualify as having high performance, generally, they must perfect the act cvsgzgzdfgzfdgof vacuuming on the surface of your pool. Maneuver away from obstacles well and run continuously for hours on end. When it comes to cleaning, they must pick up dirt and any other debris on the floor surface, like dust and tiny leaves, every time they are working. Although, their maneuverability is not perfect, they do find their way around obstacles subtly. Regarding the charge and working duration, this all depends on the nature of the work being performed, and even the best of robotic cleaners can work for an hour or so.


For robotic pool cleaners to be termed as convenient, they must have suitable brushes, preferably the spinning type for easier cleaning, and must have power indicators when the charge is low. This allows you to charge it when need be. Convenience also lies on the easiness to clean the robotic cleaner itself and how quiet it is when it’s operating.

Additional features to look out for are the type of accessories they come with along with the warranty and support policies. The best robotic cleaners review two of the best that you can go for.

Dolphin Nautilus Robotic Cleaner

gdfgdfgdfgfIt is very popular and affordable. It is known to deliver excellent results for its price. Most pool owners prefer this robotic cleaner as it is light in weight and can get into the corners and walls of the pool. It has the capability to filter dust and other particles.

Polaris Vac-sweep

All its credit comes due to its capability to clean with power and high performance for long hours. it has a vacuum bag that collects all debris very conveniently. it is a long lasting robotic cleaner and gives value for the money.